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Visit the Alkimos Centre "Listening Room", relax in a tranquil atmosphere and speak in privacy and confidence

Cheryl Boneham

Relax in a confidential space to unpack and explore your issue and discover new ways to approach your thinking that can bring welcome changes.  Open your mind to insight full ways to expand your communication with your partner, children or family members.

Emotions bring people together but can also push them apart.  Using this emotion as the focus of working together, ‘listening and hearing’ what is being shared can enhance and revitalise a relationship.

Visit the Alkimos wellness centre “listening room”, relax in a tranquil atmosphere, and speak of your issue in privacy with confidence.  Offering Saturday service at Alkimos Wellness Centre, Shorehaven blvd Alkimos; using a sliding scale to Therapy suit all budgets.

Cheryl holds a Bachelor Degree in Narrative Therapy and has studies Emotional Focused Therapy here in Western Australia, creating an eclectic mix offering assistance to generate change in people’s lives.

Contact: 0432 887 245 or leave a message at the centre on 9563 1756.

Mary O’Brien


Mary is a Clinical Social Worker, Counsellor and Art Therapist. Specialising in working with women, children and adolescents, individually, Mary brings her experience as a mother of three (two adult sons and a teenage daughter) as well as university and post graduate qualifications in Child and Family Development, to her practice.

Mary is accredited with Medicare as a Mental Health Social Worker and Medicare rebates are available (for Counselling only) with a referral from your GP. Please call Mary for further information. Bulk billing does apply for HCC holders, Children, Adolescents and individuals who find themselves in severe financial difficulty.

Informed by evidenced based practice, Mary sensitively weaves a therapeutic experience for clients which may include cognitive behavioural therapy, relaxation techniques such as ‘Mindfulness Meditation’ and skills training for management of anger, stress and anxiety.

Working with Children

Creative therapies such as play, art and music are powerful ways of helping children experience some level of control over the events of their lives, to express ideas and feelings they may not have the words for and of helping them heal (Dr. Bruce Perry, Child Trauma Academy).

All behaviour is a communication. If your child is “acting out”, counselling gives us the opportunity to shine a light on what the child or adolescent is trying to communicate. Often a child’s behaviour reflects problems in the child’s wider environment. Working with respect and compassion, Mary will use her years of experience as a Children’s Counsellor to shift the troublesome dynamic and help strengthen the bond between parent and child.

What is Art Therapy?

Firstly, be assured you that you don’t need any art experience to do Art Therapy. Art therapy is different from traditional art making in that the emphasis is on the process of creating and ‘meaning making’, rather than the end product. Art therapy can include drawing, painting, sculpture, ritual, poetry, symbol, myth, journaling, mandalas, reflection/mediation, discussion, dance/movement and song. For some, art is a spiritual path.

Art therapy is based on the belief that the process of engaging creatively in art making, within a therapeutic relationship, supports changes in the client’s inner world, which in turn positively affects the way in which one lives and walks in the world. It assists with personal growth, insight and self acceptance as well as giving the opportunity of processing traumatic experience.


Bachelor of Social Science (Counselling major), Bachelor of SocialWork - Edith Cowan University, Bunbury W.A.
Post Grad training in Child and Family Development – Centre for Child and Family Development, Victoria.
Diploma of Transpersonal Art Therapy – Ikon Institute, Fremantle W.A.

Professional Associations:

Member of Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW)

Centre for Child and Family Development, Vic (Assoc).

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